What is WQHD? All information about the sharp display resolution

The resolution is still one of the most important parameters of display devices. In the last few years, many standards have been established, and a wide range is covered. WQHD is one of the newer terms, and we’ll explain what it means.

The HD era began over ten years ago. However, the high resolutions come in different levels, and WQHD is one of them.

What is WQHD and where is it used?

What is WQHD
What is WQHD


“Wide Quad High Definition” is used on many modern smartphones. In addition, the data and information:

  • WQHD resolution is defined as 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.
  • This corresponds to the popular 16: 9 format.
  • This makes WQHD four times as sharp as HD Ready, also known as 720p.
  • Also, compared to Full HD, i.e. 1080p, WQHD is significantly sharper (by a factor of 1.77).
  • Ultra HD (4K) is 2.4 times sharper than WQHD.

WQHD is between Full HD and Ultra HD. This resolution makes sense in many areas of application, such as mobile devices, where 4K resolution would not be perceptible due to their small size. Good but somewhat older smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 have a sufficiently sharp display at an affordable price. Even PC monitors with WQHD no longer cost the world – especially for gamers, this is an excellent opportunity to take graphics to the next level.

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