How to Use The Voice Change Filter on Instagram – Step by Step

Instagram is a very popular social network today. Because it has many functions, such as emojis, stickers, photo editors, filters, and others, it has become the favorite App of many users. One filter that is becoming extremely popular is the voice change filter.

To learn more about this filter, it will be discussed below. For example, it will explain what is needed to use it and what it is exactly.  It will also tell how to see all the voice filters that Instagram has similar to those used in the application’s stories.

What do I need on my device to use the voice filter on Instagram?

To use the Instagram voice filter, it will be necessary to have a device compatible with the application. Although there is no complete list of those that can run the App and those that cannot, it is understandable that the older ones will not be able to do so. For the rest, it will only be necessary to have the App downloaded.


Are there devices where this function is not available?

The Instagram app and filters must be compatible with the device in question, so yes, machines do not have this function available. Although the list is not complete, some are the Alcatel OneTouch, the Samsung S2 to S5, the Sony Xperia, and the iPhone 3 to 4S.

How to Use The Voice Change Filter on Instagram - Step by Step
How to Use The Voice Change Filter on Instagram – Step by Step


What is the filter on Instagram that modifies the voice?

To find the filter that modifies the voice, you have to enter the Instagram application and enter the section to create stories. While there, you have to go to the stories section and slide between the filters. When you find one with the colors of Instagram and with a talking face, you have to click on it, and it will be ready to use.

How do I see all the existing voice filters in this App?

Instagram is an application that has a large number of filters. These range from a simple color change in the panorama to a very noticeable voice change. There are several voice filters in the App. Therefore, below are in which places you can see all the voice filters that Instagram has.

In quick history, the most used appears.

When entering Instagram stories, a large number of filters can be seen automatically. These that can be seen on the initial screen are the filters most used by users. By entering here, you will be able to see some of the functions to change the voice that could be more interesting for us and that if you wish, you can download and save.

Select the speaking face symbol

Finding the filter to change the voice you are talking about here can also find various distortion functions in it. Selecting the filter icon with the face speaking will open a tab to select various filters to speak and change the voice.

Well, as you can see, the voice change filter is not difficult to find, quite the opposite. This can work very well for making funny stories, and no doubt, many users will continue to use it. But, there are also those who would like to create their filters. Therefore, how to do it will be explained below.

Can I make my voice-changing filter?

Making an Instagram filter will be as simple as looking for it. This requires a good staff, and the Spark AR program will be necessaryWith it, you can create fun filters that change the voice. First, you have to open the program and click on ‘Add object’ and ‘Speaker.’ Then you have to go to ‘View,’ select ‘Editor.’

After this, you have to take the microphone and drag it to the edit section. Once this is done, click on ‘Speaker’ in the yellow arrow, remove it to the editor, double click, go to audio, and select ‘Gear lever.’ Then you have to join each grid and raise or lower the filter tone and click on ‘Add asset.’

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