How to Unlock a Mobile Phone by Obtaining its Pattern

Learn how to unlock someone else’s cell phone


One of the most important pieces of information that we can obtain from a cell phone is its pattern, code, or password.

Accessing a person’s mobile allows us to observe all their files and see conversations that may be compromising. This article will teach you how to unlock a cell phone screen just by sending an image to the victim.

This method only requires three steps, that you send the image, that the person sees it, and that an external server is in charge of making copies of the mobile files, especially the passwords that are stored in it.

This method is used to spy on a person remotely or, at some point when they move away from the phone; you can access it without them noticing and read their conversations.

Being a 100% online modality, you will not be in danger of being captured in the attempt. You also prevent someone from misusing your information.

Therefore, this method can be one of the safest and most effective that you will be able to find anywhere on the internet.

How to unlock the screen of a cell phone?

How to Unlock a Mobile Phone by Obtaining its Pattern
How to Unlock a Mobile Phone by Obtaining its Pattern



Learning how to unlock a cell phone requires a lot of computer skills.

But don’t worry, because, with this method, you don’t have to do anything at all.

While you come up with a way to send an image and have the other person open it, which is super simple, there is an online database that is waiting and functional to be able to send you all the information immediately.


Although this explanation is a bit long, when the hack is carried out, it is completely simple and fast. So you will always be aware of everything that the person you are monitoring is doing.


Reasons for accessing someone else’s mobile through their security pattern


To decide to hack and see all the conversations of a person, first, you have to be very determined about what you will do. That other person is no stranger and maybe someone you have been together with for years.

However, when you start to distrust someone because of their attitude, it is good to verify what happens, and this will be done by learning how to unlock the screen of a cell phone by sending an image.

If you get to this point, you have two options: the first is that if you realize that he is unfaithful, you can end that relationship.

But if he is innocent, you may have thought wrong, and it is best to stop mistrusting. In any case, accessing your phone is a way to completely remove any doubts that occur to you.


Benefits of knowing the password of another phone


By having complete and unique access to the data of another person’s phone, you can count on:

  • You will realize that a person you doubt is wrong for you or just making assumptions. Either way, this serves to get away from a person and stop doubting and be calmer.
  • Hacking someone close to you can be dangerous. It is because perhaps this person has never done anything, and the one who looks bad will be you.
  • This is not a problem with sending an image because you are not going to give any personal data. Thus, you will not be involved in any way.

All the benefits that can occur to you from this form of hacking are always aimed at improving or ending the relationship between boyfriends or friends.

So when you wonder how to unlock someone else’s cell phone, you must be prepared for everything.


When to choose to obtain the screen pattern and key from another mobile


In any person’s daily life, some situations or circumstances lead us to doubt someone. Once is passable, but if this happens very frequently, we have to check what happens.

How to unlock the screen of a cell phone or find the unlock code or key is a question that arises right after doubting someone, that they may be talking to other people behind your back and other things that directly involve you.

With someone else’s mobile key, you can have the possibility to verify if any of your suspicions are true or not.

In any case, when one confirms somethingone feels excellent relief, and this is because the uncertainty is very distressing.

Even so, it is best to have reasonable assumptions and theories before deciding to enter a person’s data to confirm whether they are faithful or not.


Pros and cons of knowing the security pattern of another cell phone


To further strengthen your decision to hack into someone else’s phone by only sending them an image, here are some pros of the method:

  • You can decide if you will monitor the conversations of the other person by directly accessing the mobile phone or waiting for the online database to make copies of it and send it to you via email.
  • This second is the best since you are not in danger of being discovered.
  • Your information is as if it did not exist for this modality, and this is thanks to the fact that you do not have to fill out any form or something similar.
  • If there is a mistake, which has not happened, you will continue your life generally since you will not be involved.
  • You can say goodbye to bad friends and partners if you see that they are unfaithful to you or want to do you some harm or badness.


There is not much to say if we talk about the cons of knowing the unlock pattern of a person’s mobile. Learning how to unlock an iPhone or Android phone with its pattern has no cons.

This is because first, you will not tell even the owner of the mobile. Second, you got the password, pattern, or code in a very unsuspicious way.

And third, you only do it to verify any doubts you have regarding someone, it is not that you do it to steal or anything like that.


Other ways to unlock a phone screen


The only way other than the one explained in this article to get to know the unlock pattern of a cell phone is by formatting the mobile or restoring it from the factory.

This will imply that all the files of the cell phone that you want to spy are deleted. Consequently, it would not be useful to you since your main objective is to see what your victim has on their device.


Getting the screen to unlock a pattern or key from someone close to you can be advantageous, but only when you have good reason to distrust that person.

If so, the image hacking method will give you many advantages both to access all the content of your phone and the security that you will not be discovered.

The biggest fear that a person has when they go to hack another is that they will discover it, and thanks to that, you do not have to provide any personal data.

They will never blame you for anything, and you can continue your life in peace by making the best possible decision.


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