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Tracking the location of a cell phone turns out to be a perfect activity if you have or feel any questions about your partner or are suspicious about your child’s friends, and even if you have lost your mobile and do not know how to find it, learn how tracking a cell phone is more valuable than you think.

There are different methods to locate a mobile, through software, GPS applications, phone numbers, etc.


Why track a cell phone?

For suspicious doubts

The cell phone currently represents the most personal, intimate and important device that we can count on. Its usefulness has reached points where its use has practically become a necessity.

The increasing dependence on this device make it an inseparable companion, so much is our roots that we even go to the bathroom with it! This also makes it the perfect ally to know the location of anyone, a kind of silent informant that will allow us to understand the almost exact location of the target.


Victim of robbery

Another important reason to locate a cell phone is theft; tracking the cell phone to go to the authorities immediately to make a report will increase the chances of recovering your cell phone.


Accidental loss

It has happened to most of us sometimes in a typical busy day that we forget our mobile somewhere and then we don’t remember where we lost it, if someone finds it they may contact us to return it, but in case that person does not want to return it, tracking the cell phone is the best option.

What are the most used methods to locate a cell phone?

In this post, I am going to explain how to use and apply the most important and effective methods available on the web, what are their advantages and disadvantages, their costs and characteristics, having as main criteria the opinions of people who have already purchased this service or what have implemented before.

The order of each of the methods that I present does not mean anything in terms of the effectiveness of each of them, however, perhaps you urgently need to know the location of a cell phone, so I will show you the one that according to my criteria and the of Internet users is the best and most effective: HackLocateFone.

Track cell phone online | Mobile Number Tracker

HackLocateFone is a page that offers the mobile tracking or location service very easily and quickly; after exhaustive research and many opinions from satisfied users, I have concluded that it is the most effective way to track a cell phone.

How to Track a Cell Phone
How to Track a Cell Phone



What is HackLocateFone?

It is an online service; it sends a link with a YouTube video to the target person. When they enter the link and see the video, it is possible to know the cell phone’s location and, therefore, the person himself.

One of the details that most caught my attention on this page is that it is not necessary to download or install any software or program, which generates excellent confidence among the users of this service.


How is your procedure?

Tracking a cell phone with this method is a really simple and intuitive task; you have to follow a few very easy steps that anyone can do. You don’t need to have any special knowledge to execute it perfectly.

Steps to locate a cell phone with HackLocateFone


The following are the steps to track a cell phone:

Choose a plan

Purchase one of the three plans available at HackLocateFone.

Pick a very eye-catching YouTube video.

This video should preferably be on a topic that your target likes or is fond of it.

Share YouTube video

Share or send the previously chosen YouTube video through any social network or digital platform such as WhatsAppMessengerFacebookTwitter etc.

Execution of the process

Once your target enters the link to view the YouTube video, the system will silently save its location, which you can see through a Google map.


Is it reliable and effective?

To reach the conclusion that this method is effective, I turned to several users of this service to ask for their opinion, which was positive in all cases. They assured me that the system is 100% reliable and safe.

In the same way, they ensured that the target users never found out that they were being located through their cell phone, making this service much more efficient and reliable.


What are the advantages of using HackLocateFone?

There are many advantages that this HackLocateFone system offers, however below, I will mention some of the most important:

Free downloads:

The cell phone location service on this page does not need any download or installation of any program or application for its process to work, which translates into more excellent reliability.

It is silent:

Once your target’s cell phone is tracked, they will never know that they were located through their cell phone.

Easy to use:

You need to follow a series of very simple steps to get the location of a cell phone. You don’t need to be a genius or a hacker to track a mobile successfully with HackLocateFone.

Full compatibility:

It is possible to locate a mobile quickly and easily with this system regardless of its operating system ( Ios, Android or Windows Phone ) or the mobile brand.


HackLocateFone offers different plans that adapt to your conditions and needs.


You don’t need the fortune to use the HackLocateFone locator since all their plans are accessible.

Similarly, all plans are currently on sale for a limited time, so don’t waste your time if you need their service!

No special requirements:

You do not need to have access to your target’s mobile or install any malware on their cell phone to be able to locate it; it is simply perfect.

If you need to know how to track a cell phone urgently and do not want to waste time, I advise you to go to HackLocateFone, since of all the methods it investigates, this is the fastest and most effective.

Other methods of how to locate a mobile

There are other ways to locate a cell phone, which according to my criteria, their results are not guaranteed. However, I will explain what they consist of, how they are executed, and their advantages and disadvantages.

The following are other ways to track a cell phone :

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How to track a cell phone online with Android

This is one of the easiest ways to locate mobile and is offered by the company Google, and it consists of knowing the location of the said device through the page, which tells us the site in real-time mobile.



To execute this process, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the page
  2. Enter the device data (email and password)
  3. The page will show you, through Google Maps, the real-time location of the phone.

This method only works with cell phones of Android systems, and it is necessary to know the Gmail email address with which the device is connected to Google and its password so that the mobile can be tracked.

Therefore, if you have any questions and need to know where your partner or your child is, this method will not execute if you do not have the target’s email and password.

How to track a Samsung cell phone

This method is similar to the previous one, or at least its process. It consists of locating the mobile through the manufacturer’s official website, in this case, the South Korean company Samsung.

You have to enter, enter the data of the mobile or target person you want to locate. Once the data has been entered, this page will show you the location of the mobile.

The procedure to locate a Samsung cell phone is as follows:

  1. Go to page:
  2. Log in with the user’s Samsung account details (username or email address and password)
  3. The web will show you a map of the approximate location of the cell phone

Among the complications and disadvantages of this way of locating a cell phone is the accuracy of the Samsung map, since it has a very wide margin of error, giving only a general location of the device. Therefore, the results may not be as satisfactory.

On the other hand, to know the location of your wife (or) or son, you must have the data of the Samsung account that he entered when he acquired the phone. Therefore it isn’t easy to track someone else’s mobile without such information.

How to track a Windows Phone mobile

These cell phones can be located since they are connected to a Microsoft account, just like Android phones, to be able to use its platform and the application store (Windows Store), and through it to locate your target’s cell phone.

In some cases, it is necessary to activate this location option through the cell phone settings.

The steps to track a Windows Phone cell phone are as follows

  1. From a browser, go to the page
  2. To be tracked, you must log in using the same username and password that you use in the cell phone account.
  3. Choose the device you want to locate
  4. You must select the option “Find my device” to show the location of the cell phone on the map

To perform this method, just like the Android system, it is necessary to have the target’s email address or username and password, making it a very complicated way to track a cell phone.

How to know the location of an iPhone cell phone

Following the same principle as the previous methods, locating an iPhone cell phone is possible because it has a geolocation system through You only have to enter the said page with the objective data (in case it is not your property), and said the website would show you in real-time and with great precision the location of said mobile.

Steps to locate an iPhone cell phone

  1. Go to the site
  2. Enter your email and password
  3. Select the option: “Find my iPhone.”
  4. The page will show you a map with the real-time location of the mobile

This method is very complicated to do if you want to know where your target is located since you need to know its data (email and password) to execute it.

On the other hand, this process can only be done from another iPhone cell phone, another device with the IOS operating system or from a PC. In the same way, when you locate a cell phone in this way, the user may find out about it since it is possible to be alerted through an email.

How to track a cell phone with apps

In the Apps stores of each mobile operating system ( Playstore, App store ), there are applications responsible for tracking a cell phone. Doing it very effectively through Google Maps or another satellite map system. However, these Apps must be previously installed on the target’s mobile.

In other words, you need to access and install said application on the target user’s mobile to know their location, something very complicated if they see that they have an App on their mobile that “watches over them”.

However, these applications are very useful if you lose your cell phone or are the victim of a robbery.

In the same way, there is a great diversity of applications to track a cell phone, some free and others with annual subscriptions. These application methods are not infallible. Therefore their effectiveness is highly questioned.

Track cell phone by GPS

The well-known Global Positioning System (GPS for its acronym in English), is a satellite network which is responsible for triangulating positions on earth from the orbit of the planet, this has many applications and uses, and is used by many companies to world level.

As for mobile tracking , this system is also very effective when it comes to locating them, since most Smartphones have a built-in GPS receiver antenna that allows them to be located by this network.

To locate a cell phone by GPS it is necessary to have applications or programs for this, however most devices already have an integrated App that does it.

If you need to secretly track the cell phone of your wife or child, with these applications it will be impossible, since you need to install the program for this task on the device to be located.

Track cell phone by calling phone provider

Depending on the phone provider that your target uses, it may offer the cell tracking service , some of these companies do this service for free, while others charge a fee for it, it all depends on the phone plan you have. .

If you decide to locate a cell phone through this method, you must bear in mind that it has its complications and risks. Since to do so you must pose as your goal, therefore it is necessary that you have all the information you can about it.

This is because the company will request relevant information related to the user to verify the identity of the user, it is obvious that impersonating another person is something punishable by law in many countries, and doing so can bring you legal consequences.

Locate a mobile through Google Photos or Dropbox

If you have the password and email of your target user, it is possible that you can locate that person through their cell phone by entering Google Photos, Dropbox or any other cloud technology platform.

This consists of entering the session of said platform, in which you must previously have the option of automatic synchronization of the photos activated to be able to view them, and with them, through the location of images and Google photos once you take any Photo.

These are the steps to locate a mobile through Google Photos and Dropbox

  1. Enter Google Photos or Dropbox and enter it with the email and password of the target user.
  2. Wait for the user to take a photo
  3. Search for the previously chosen photo in Google’s photo location function

Complications of locating a cell phone with this method

This method has several complications, including the fact that you must know the email or username and password of the target user.

Another complication of this method is the low probability that the subject will take photos on open sites that Google can locate.

In the same way, the location that Google can give you is not totally exact, since this location function is very general. These complications greatly question the effectiveness of this way of locating a mobile .

Possibly this method is more effective in case of theft, but to track a cell phone without the owner knowing it turns out to be very difficult.

The Best Online Tracker, the easiest and fastest method GUARANTEED

Locate a Cell Phone in Seconds by sending only a PHOTO or IMAGE

We have already told you some methods to locate a cell phone, but nevertheless the method that I will talk about next is the easiest, fastest and safest.

You will be able to track any Android or iPhone cell phone by sending your target a simple image from the internet, it can be from Google, in just 3 steps you can meet this goal.

Step 1: Choose a photo or image from Google

Step 2: Send this image to your target’s cell phone

Step 3: When your victim sees the photo on their cell phone, you will have tracked it


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