How to Hide All Comments From a Live on Instagram

This allows you to upload different kinds of content and even make live broadcasts or live stories. In these, it is possible to see the comments of the people connected to the transmission. However, there is a method to hide them if you don’t want to see them.


Next, we will talk briefly and clearly about the comments of a Live on Instagram. It will first become clear whether it is possible to hide them. Then it will show how to do it. Finally, a method to hide, not full comments, but specific words in an Instagram Live will be explained.

Can I hide comments from viewers on Instagram Live?

There are several reasons why someone may want to hide comments from Live viewers on Instagram. For example, negative or abusive comments about content may greatly detract from the experience. In addition, being live does not mean that you have to be attentive to all the comments.

On the other hand, some people find it distracting to have to see a stream of emojis coming out during the broadcast, so they would like to disable them or something like that. Now, it is unfortunate to say that hiding viewer comments on Instagram Lives are no longer possible … At least not through official channels.

Until some time ago, Instagram had an option in its mobile application, which allowed you to disable these comments while watching the broadcast. But in an update, it was decided to remove this setting, so it will no longer be possible to hide these comments easily on mobile devices.

Now, there is a way to hide these contents through unofficial channels, although you will have to watch the transmission from a computer. The following will briefly tell you what to do to hide or remove comments from an Instagram Live.

How to hide all comments from a Live on Instagram
How to hide all comments from a Live on Instagram


How to hide or remove comments from a live Instagram

Although it is not possible to hide the comments of a live Instagram from the desktop in the mobile application, it is possible to do so. It will be necessary to go to Google Chrome and download an extension from the Chrome store and enable it. The extension is called Chrome IG Story. Once found, it must be added to the browser.

When you click on ‘add the extension,’ it will begin to install, a process that may take a few minutes. Once it is ready, a window will appear advising that the extension can be used. You can access it whenever you want by clicking on the icon that will appear in the upper right corner.

By using this extension, you will be able to watch these videos without annoying comments and emojis. Now, it should be noted that this extension is used to download the videos, so we will have to wait for life to finish to see it. To do this, you have to access Instagram from the browser.


Once the browser is open, you must click on the extension and search the list of your friends’ stories for the live you want to download (these should appear here for a while after the transmission ends). After that, you have to click on the download icon on the right.

Once this is done, you have to open the downloaded file, and voila: everything will be prepared to be able to watch a Live without the annoying live comments. Although it is not possible to hide them from official sources, Instagram may decide to reincorporate this option at some point.

How to block certain words on my Instagram Live

However, there are users who prefer to block specific words that could be offensive. Well, for that, there is a method that is official, fast, and simple. First, you have to click on the ‘More’ option of the Instagram application located in the upper left corner of the profile. Then you have to click on ‘Settings.’

After that, you have to click on ‘Privacy and’ Comments.’ In the option ‘Hide offensive comments,’ you have to turn it on, and that’s it. If you want to filter specific words, you have to go to the ‘Manual filter’ option and place the words in question. Without a doubt, these are very useful options.


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