How to Hack Gmail in 2021, The Easiest and Most Effective Way

Without taking too many detours, after having researched for a while what are the main methods to hack into someone else’s Gmail account. and before explaining each of them, I have concluded that the most effective of all are those of: and

So if you want to get to the point before reading about other methods that are a little more complicated, expensive in some cases and less effective, it is best that you first know these two methods that I will talk about at the beginning.

How to Hack Gmail Account in 2021`
How to Hack Gmail Account in 2021`


How to Hack Gmail step by step in 2021


I will show you the two best methods that work in this year 2021  to hack a Gmail. Both work online; that is, you will not need to have your victim’s cell phone in your hands. You will be able to obtain the  Gmail password of your target remotely.


Method one: Hack Gmail by sending a photo!


It is a service that allows you to spy on a person’s Gmail by sending a link to a photo or image found on through any social network or email.

According to our analysis, this method is the easiest, fastest, and safest that you can find on the Internet; in just 3 steps and perhaps in seconds or minutes, you will have access to the Gmail account of the person you want.

Step 1:  Search and choose a photo or image from Google

Step 2:  Send this image to your target’s cell phone through a social network

Step 3:  When your victim sees the photo on their cell phone, you will have hacked their Gmail

Advantages of this method:

  • It is easy and practical: It is the easiest method to hack a Gmail; you only have to share a google image with your goal, that is, you can hack a Gmail account in minutes or seconds! I can assure you. I have tried this service myself.
  • Silent: Your target or victim will not suspect that you have obtained their Gmail password since they will only see a photo or image on their cell phone.
  • It is flexible: You can send the google image by any social network, mail, or even by text message, since what you will send will be a link or link that, when clicked by your victim, will open the google image on their cell phone. You have selected, but at the same time, you will hack his Gmail password.
  • Cheap: This online Gmail hack is on sale.
  • Online: It is an online hacker; that is, you do not require your target to install or download any software, and you do not need to have that person’s cell phone in your hands.


We have not found any disadvantages in this method since its effectiveness is impressive, making it the best option to hack or spy on Gmail completely anonymously and online. You can enter the page where they offer this service here.


SECOND METHOD – Spy on Gmail with application


Hacking Gmail emails is one of the most requested services and with the highest number of positive comments on the web like, guaranteeing satisfactory results that no other website can offer.

It is a service whose effectiveness is high (I verified this by contacting other people who have already purchased it before), which consists of a hacker who acts in a hidden and secret way, obtaining the email address and password of the target person without suspecting anything.


How does it work?

The procedure is very simple and intuitive, and it is an online hacker you have access to once you acquire one of comohackear. Online plans.

When entering its platform, you will have access to its control panel, through which you will have the possibility to configure the hacker and then execute it.

To run the hacker successfully, you have to follow the following steps:

  1. After studying the tastes and hobbies of the target person, you should find and select an eye-catching YouTube video that is in line with those hobbies, in other words, that the target likes.
  2. When you complete the first step, you must send or share the video so that it reaches your goal, for this, you can use an email through Gmail itself or any other platform or social network such as TwitterWhatsApp, HotmailFacebook, etc.
  3. Once your target has entered the link you sent them in the previous step and sees the YouTube video you chose, the hacker will automatically close their Gmail session even for a second. Your victim will have to enter their email again and password to enter your Gmail account, this is when the hacker will be activated, and the system will save the email and password of your target.
  4. At the end of the process, through the panel, you can have access to the password and email of the target user, and with it, the successful hack of a Gmail account.


What are the advantages of this method?

The method offered by is the one that shows the greatest effectiveness, since its system, when applied properly, is infallible, giving completely satisfactory results.

Among the main advantages and characteristics of this service are the following:

  • It’s completely silent – it works stealthily, which means that the target user will never suspect that their Gmail account was hacked.
  • Easy to use : This system is intuitive, so you don’t need an advanced computer or computer knowledge to apply it, just follow the instructions to hack Gmail successfully.
  • Economic: It offers the best price-effectiveness ratio of the entire Internet; today, all its plans are on sale.
  • Flexible: It offers 3 plans that adapt to your needs.
  • Without applications: This system works completely online; you do not need to install any programs or download applications.
  • Versatile: This is another of its most important advantages, its diversity; this hacker also works for other very popular platforms such as TwitterHotmailFacebookMessenger, WhatsApp, and YouTube.
  • It’s fast: it is a service whose application and the process are very fast; in just a matter of minutes, you can have the password and email of your target.

This service has become a tool whose effectiveness has become increasingly popular. During my research on how to hack a Gmail account without programs, I found many users satisfied.

Also, I did not find any major disadvantages in this service, which makes it the best system to hack a Gmail account on the Internet.

Methods to Hack Gmail

Generally speaking, hacking a Gmail account has become one of the activities that have given hackers the greatest boost in terms of popularity. The number of people requesting this type of service increases every day.

This is because Gmail is the most used platform for sending and receiving emails today. Its popularity has even surpassed the traditional Hotmail (today called Outlook), which has made it a gigantic source of information.

Its use is so popular that even world-class figures such as politicians, artists, and even religious people have this platform to exchange information or messages through it.

Which makes it the most attacked email messaging service worldwide by hackers, who have developed different methods and techniques to hack Gmail accounts and thus have access to an inexhaustible source of information.


Why is it so popular?

The reasons for its popularity are several. One of them, and perhaps the most important, is its platform itself, since it is one of the friendliest today, being its use in the same way very intuitive and simple.

Another reason for its success is that the parent company to which it belongs ( Google ) has integrated it into all its applications, a strategy to “force” its users to have a Gmail account even if they do not use it for shipping and receiving mail.

For example, Android users, access the Playstore store to download any application for their Smartphone or Tablet must have a Gmail email account.

The same happens when you want to open an account on other Google platforms such as YouTube, Google Maps, and Google +.

Reasons to hack a Gmail account.

Being so well known and used, some people of your interest may have an account on this platform and use it to send and receive emails. Which may have information of interest to you; therefore, having the possibility of hacking a Gmail account has become very tempting for many.

The reasons and arguments for hacking a Gmail email are different for each person, so in this post, I explain in detail the most used and effective known methods available on the global network.



It is very important to clarify that all the information that appears in this post is for educational and informational purposes. I must warn you that hacking someone else’s Gmail can lead to problems of a personal and even legal nature.

Main methods to hack Gmail accounts

Without further ado, let’s get into the matter. I’ll explain how to hack a Gmail account, the main methods used by professional hackers, and people like you and me, who possibly don’t know anything about computing or computing.

It should be noted that the following methods differ in the way they are applied, in their costs, complexity, and mainly in their effectiveness.


How to hack a Gmail email using social engineering

“In the chain of security systems, the human being is always the weakest link,” starting from this premise is that social engineering was born as one of the methods that had been used the most a couple of decades ago.

It consists of using different persuasion techniques. People who have less experience in this field or give less importance to security systems are deceived through different methods or processes.

In most cases, to execute these methods, it is necessary to make a preliminary study of the target person. In many cases, it is necessary to know some information essential to hacking a Gmail password using social engineering.

While it is true that social engineering is one of the ways to hack a Gmail account without programs, the inconveniences when executing one of these hacking processes can bring many risks in case of being discovered.

However, keeping in mind that you will have your precautions, here are the different methods to hack Gmail emails for free through social engineering:


Hack Gmail using a phone number

It consists of trying to enter the Gmail account of your target user, using the option to send the secret code to the phone number. To perform this type of hack, you need to do several steps:

  1. Enter the email address or username of the target person
  2. You do not know the password. Therefore you must click on “Do you need help?”, Where you will be shown the options to reset the password.
  3. Among the options, you must choose “get a verification code on my mobile phone.”
  4. When choosing this option, Gmail will automatically send an SMS to the user’s phone number. In this part, you must act quickly, and from your cell phone (or one you have available), you must send another SMS to the target saying the following :


Google has detected unusual activity on your account. Please respond with the verification code sent to your mobile device to stop it. “


  1. The scared and anguished user will forward the verification code sent to their mobile by Google, but to you with the fake SMS that you sent immediately after the one from Google, so you can use it to hack the Gmail account easily without programs.

This method is relatively simple to apply since no program or computer knowledge is needed to execute it. However, it is necessary to have important information, such as the user’s email address and telephone number.

Similarly, the number you use to send the “Google message” to the target must be unknown to the target to avoid suspicion on their part.


Hack a Gmail account with a “Call” from a technical service

This method was widely used a long time ago to obtain credentials for bank accounts and similar platforms; its effectiveness was very high since users lacked knowledge regarding their operation.

It consists of calling the target at their personal or office number, posing as Gmail technical service, and asking some routine screening questions and their credentials.

In this case, the correct application of social engineering is very important since the success of this method depends on your persuasion techniques during the few seconds that the call lasts.

In the same way, you must know the user’s phone number, in addition to their working hours, in case that phone number is their office or place of work.


Google “Message,” Hack Gmail Using Pishing

This represents one of the most infallible methods of the network, as long as the user is inexperienced in terms of their accounts and data security.

It consists of sending an “official” email from Google, where a PDF file is attached (where the integrated pishing is) saying that it is very important information related to the security of your account.

When the user clicks on the attached file, instead of previewing an image of the said PDF document, he redirects to another tab where the target is asked to enter their data again to enter Gmail.

Your objective must enter their email and password again as if the Gmail session had been closed; by doing so, the pishing will save these credentials, successfully hacking the Gmail account.

To avoid suspicion, this page will show an error; the user will close it and think that the file is damaged.

This way of hacking Gmail is not as effective as years ago since Google’s security systems have advanced to the point that they detect these types of false files.

Similarly, to hack Gmail with this method, the user must not know about the account’s security since if the two-step verification option is activated, it will be impossible to execute this process.

Hack Gmail accounts by using programs

These procedures are widely used, especially by hackers, since they simplify the process. However, many people request this type of service, for which some pages sell them, making them available to anyone.

There are many methods based on the use of programs or software specifically designed to hack Gmail emails; I have selected the most effective, taking into account their availability on the network:


Hack Gmail using Keyloggers

Represents one of the most traditional methods of obtaining passwords and data from any platform; keyloggers were very popular when they came to light; however, they are still widely used to hack Gmail email accounts.

What is a Keylogger?

It is software designed to capture all the keys that the user enters and their sequence in a determined period. This program acts in a hidden way since it is not displayed in the list of programs or tasks.

There are different ways to install this program on your target’s computer; it can be integrated into a download file (music, movies, or videos). If you have access to the user’s PC, install it directly.

Its disadvantages

The main disadvantage of this method is the difficulty of installing this type of spyware on the target user’s PC. Many antivirus programs are constantly updated and can detect them and alert the user of their existence.

Therefore, the effectiveness of using Keyloggers to hack Gmail accounts is highly questioned today; in the same way, these programs tend to be discontinued very quickly, so you must be careful when choosing them.

Hack Gmail password with Remote Password Cracker

This is perhaps the oldest of the methods for hacking Gmail accounts or any other platform since it was born almost at the same time as public email services.

It is software whose only function is to get the password of the Gmail account of your target user by entering all possible key combinations.

This method used to be very effective decades ago, when it was very normal for users to enter short passwords (with few digits) and very commonly used, thus facilitating the process for the program.


Complications of Remote Password Cracker

Keep in mind that to be able to execute this method and to be able to reduce its execution time (it can last even weeks), you must guess the number of digits that the password of your target user has. In this way, it will be possible to reduce the number of possible combinations.

However, the effectiveness of the Remote Password Cracker to hack Gmail emails is not guaranteed since the security systems of this Google service are currently capable of detecting this hacking attempt.

The Sniffers, an option to hack Gmail through a WIFI network

Sniffers are the favorite methods of hackers who steal massive data from WIFI networks of private or public companies. These are programs designed to monitor all traffic on a specific network.

However, hackers have given them another use, which turns out to be even more efficient than the one for which it was created: to obtain all the information entered into the computers that are connected or belong to a network.


How this method works

To hack Gmail emails with this method, it is first necessary to violate the security of the WIFI network; for this, you would need another program or the services of a professional hacker.

When accessing said network, the Sniffer is installed and executed; once working, it will save all the data that the user enters. Giving access to passwords and emails like Gmail.


Complications of using Sniffers

This method has complications since it is necessary to have access to the WIFI network to execute it successfully (in the case said network is not open).

On the other hand, you must have computer security knowledge to configure it. Not all available Sniffers are effective, so I recommend a lot of caution when you decide to buy software of this type.

Hack Gmail email with Kali Linux

Perhaps it is the best and most complete of all the methods with existing programs since it is a multi-tool created to monitor and find security gaps in computer systems to optimize them.

Its main function makes it very useful to hackers, since thanks to it, it is possible to locate the vulnerabilities of any platform or social network. Making it possible to hack Gmail accounts with it.


Very good, but …

However, its use and application are very complicated since it is necessary to have advanced knowledge of computer science and systems to configure it; in some cases, it is even necessary to go to a hacker to execute the hacking process.

Another disadvantage of using Kali Linux to Hack Gmail emails is its cost, the license to use this tool is very expensive, and you must first analyze if it is worth making such a high investment.

How to hack someone else’s Gmail account with a Trojan

One of the favorite options of hackers worldwide, this method has existed since the internet is public, and like systems and platforms, it is constantly reinventing itself.

A Trojan is software designed to carry out specific tasks on a computer in a hidden way. Also called “malware,” Trojans are used in most cases to steal specific information from the PCs of inexperienced users in terms of security, their data.


How to apply it

The usual way to apply a hack with a Trojan is by camouflaging it with a download file, such as a video or a movie, by sending the link through any platform, a social network, or email.

When the user downloads the file, he will be downloading the Trojan at the same time in a hidden way, and then it will install itself. Once installed, the malware will save the data that the user enters, including the Gmail password and email.

An advantage of Trojans is that you can configure them to periodically send all the data it saves to your email as long as its operation does not expire.


Its main disadvantages

There are several disadvantages of using Trojans to hack Gmail, including the fact that antivirus programs are increasingly able to detect them more quickly and with greater ease, limiting the period of operation of these programs.

Another very important disadvantage is its cost. In general, this type of software has a relatively high price for its usefulness, and the pages that offer it do not guarantee its effectiveness.

How to hack a Gmail account Online

Currently, many web pages sell services to hack emails from Gmail and other platforms, offering “easy” and “quick” methods, which supposedly work by just entering the target person’s email, which is enough to obtain their credentials.

I contacted several users of these pages, and I did not find any satisfied with their services except those who chose since it was the only one whose process was completely successful for the majority of people who acquired any of their plans.


You must be cautious.

It should be noted that before choosing any of these pages, you should inquire about their services, try to seek the comments and opinions of people who have used them before since most do not fulfill what they promise and others are about a scam to rip you off.


How to prevent your Gmail account from being hacked

After reading this post, you know the different ways to hack an email. Therefore you know that it is possible to hack an email account in Gmail, and you may prefer to prevent it from happening to you.

That is why I have created a list of factors that you should take into account to protect your Gmail account:

  • Strong passwords

It is very important to use passwords that meet the security criteria recommended by companies such as Gmail and Hotmail. Not using names or surnames, making combinations of numbers, letters, and special characters can prevent Gmail from being hacked.

  • Beware of links

Avoid clicking on links of suspicious origin, since most of the time, they can be infected with keyloggers or Trojans that can steal important information from your PC.

Similarly, clicking on images or PDF files without first checking or examining them can pose a risk, as it is one of the methods used for pishing hacking processes.

  • Unknown emails:

You should not respond to unknown emails or that Gmail considers Spam without first verifying its origin since social engineering techniques try to influence you to obtain your data or credentials.

  • Your email is private :

Being your email address is one of the necessary pieces of data to hack a Gmail account. Try not to publish it on blogs, social networks, or any public access platform since hackers can use it to violate your account’s security.

  • Encrypt the emails you send:

Messages sent via email are normally transmitted in plain text. Allowing to be made possible by a third party.

To prevent them from accessing your emails in this way, it is best to use SSL and TLS protocols to encrypt the text and prevent information theft.

  • Two-factor authentication:

It represents the latest in security levels today and is being used by Gmail and many platforms of all kinds in the world.

Using two-step authentication greatly complicates the hacking process for hackers, greatly limiting the chances of success.

  • Public WIFI, a risk :

You must know the risks that can mean entering your Gmail account through a device connected to the internet in a public network since this has the ideal characteristics for the application of Sniffers and keyloggers.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid as much as possible using these types of connections to access Gmail or any other platform.

  • Lock your device or PC when you are not around :

Keeping your computer or devices locked is essential, especially if there are people you do not trust. This is to prevent them from using it to steal your credentials or even prevent them from installing a keylogger or Trojan in it.


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