How to Hack a YouTube Channel in 2021

To hack a YouTube account, it is not necessary to be a professional in the field (hacker), nor do you need to have excellent knowledge in computers or programming. You need to get to the right place, where you get guaranteed results.

In the following lines, I will show you the most popular methods to hack a YouTube channel and which is the most effective, following some satisfaction and guarantee criteria, to identify it more efficiently.

Why hack YouTube?

YouTube is the digital platform created to share content in video format par excellence. Therefore it represents a huge source of information. Similarly, with 10% of total internet traffic, this social network ranks third among the most visited portals in the world.

This important platform has more than 1 billion users, making it a very valuable target for hackers and people worldwide since it turns out to be an inexhaustible source of resources, content, and information of great importance for some people.

The reasons for hacking a YouTube channel are personal. I will not judge you if you decide to do it. However, it is necessary to clarify that all the information offered in this post is educational.

Hacking YouTube can bring you legal and personal problems.

What is the best page to hack a YouTube account? | How to Hack a YouTube Channel in 2021

After visiting and investigating the different pages and companies that offer the service to hack YouTube, in addition to reading and asking them about their system, find out everything related to each one of them, how they work, how they are executed, duration of the processes, etc.

I even conducted a survey among users who have purchased or purchased such services in the past. All this is to find which of all those pages is the most effective and guarantees satisfactory results.

How to Hack a YouTube Channel in 2021
How to Hack a YouTube Channel in 2021


The best method is from

Querclub was the one that met the previous requirements (effectiveness and user satisfaction), since, unlike the other services, I did not find a single negative comment from her, and by studying and understanding her system, I came to the conclusion that he is the best of all.


How does this method work? is a page with a system to hack YouTube and other platforms, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Twitter, Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Whose results are already known by a large community on the internet?

Its system is really simple and intuitive. To run it, you don’t need any advanced knowledge. You need to follow the instructions below, and you can hack into someone else’s YouTube account quickly and smoothly.

These are the steps to use the system :

  1. Go online and purchase one of their plans (the one that suits your needs).
  2. Once step 1 is done, you will have access to the hacker’s control panel. You should choose a YouTube video that is eye-catching, that the target person you will hack the account of this platform likes.
  3. Proceed to send or share the selected video to the target user, and you can do it through any social network: YouTube itselfWhatsAppFacebook, etc.
  4. Once your target has entered the link you sent them, the online system will save their email or YouTube username and password entirely silently.
  5. Through the hacker’s panel, you can access the saved credentials, that is, to the email and password. It was successfully hacking a YouTube channel.


What are the advantages of using

The advantages and options offered by this service add value to its effectiveness, another reason for its excellent reputation and the number of positive comments on the network.

The following are its most important advantages:

Without apps :

A very important feature, it is not necessary to download or install any program or application on your PC, so you will not have to worry about Trojans or other types of malware. This service is genuine and online.

Silent :

This system is designed not to be detected in any way by the target user or any antivirus. Since it works silently and stealthily, the person will not suspect that they managed to hack into their YouTube account.

Easy :

To hack a YouTube channel with this system, you do not need to have any unique or advanced computer knowledge, nor do you have to be a professional hacker to do it. You have to follow the steps indicated, and you will get satisfactory results.

Fast :

The time in which you will be able to obtain the password and the email of your target through this system will depend directly on how long it takes your target to enter the sent link; however, once it clicks on said link, the hacker will act accordingly. Fast and quiet.

Only in a matter of minutes will you be able to hack your target’starget’s YouTube account.

Versatile :

In addition to being practical, this hacker is also very diverse. Not only can you hack YouTube with it, but you will also have the possibility of doing it with another no less important and well-known platforms such as FacebookMessengerWhatsAppTwitterGmail, and Hotmail.

Economical :

One of the characteristics that people look for the most is that investing money to hack a YouTube account is not accessible if you have never done it before. This system is the most effective and economical available on the internet. It’sIt’s the best price-effectiveness ratio on the net.

Flexible :

In the same way, it has three plans (Basic, Standard, and Premium ) that give tremendous flexibility to those who acquire it, adapting in this way to your budget and need.

When talking about the possible disadvantages of this service, I could not find any important ones, so I do not mention them since I only received positive comments from this system.


Other known methods to hack youtube | How to Hack a YouTube Channel in 2021

However, it seems to be necessary that you know other methods also used to hack YouTube accounts, which in the same way have their popularity on the net, have advantages and disadvantages, and their application is different.

How to hack YouTube Channel with Keylogger

The Keylogger is software designed to save or store each key that the user presses and the sequence for a specified time. These programs are called “spyware” and are widely used by hackers to obtain important information from companies or networks.

Keyloggers are ideal for capturing the username or email of your target and their password once installed on the person’sperson’s PC. This spyware will periodically send all the information saved to your email.


How to install it

Despite being a very efficient software, the Keylogger to hack a YouTube channel has different complications, the main one being the fact that it is necessary to install it on your target’starget’s computer.

For this, you have two options:

  • Have access to your target’starget’s PC; Y
  • Install it remotely.

To remote install the Keylogger, you must send it hidden under an email with a downloadable file or deceive the user by inviting them to download a document from the web, where the spyware is camouflaged.


Complicated installation

This brings some complications, as antivirus are continuously updated and detected without problems, not to mention that lately, users do not download anything without first verifying the origin of the links.

Social Engineering to hack youtube Channel in 2021

Social engineering is the first of the methods to hack YouTube or any other platform on the internet. It is known as the science or art of obtaining information from people through themselves.

Social engineering has proven effectiveness, starting from the motto that says that the weakest link in a security system is the human since it has different techniques and strategies that work in many cases.


How is this method applied?

To do a hack through social engineering, it is first necessary to carry out an exhaustive study or monitor your target user. You must know many essential details to take into account, which will allow you to choose which of the known techniques is ideal for performing the “deception.”

Calling or sending an email posing as a YouTube technical service, contacting the user through a social network and becoming a “friend” of him to gain his trust, or simply using a Pishing from said platform to obtain his password are just the techniques. Best known of social engineering.


Complications of the use of social engineering

This method is as popular as complicated since it is tough to get the target user to reveal their credentials to us without suspecting them. Decades ago, social engineering was very effective due to little interest in data security, but today things have changed.

The culture of safeguarding information is increasing, and security technologies are constantly improving. So it is sometimes difficult for even the same user to enter their account, making it even more challenging to hack a YouTube account successfully with this method.

Hack a YouTube channel through a Pishing

It is one of the traditional methods widely used by hackers and scammers to obtain personal banking system credentials, credit card passwords, and crucial personal information. Pishing is as old as the internet is publicly, and it is a very effective system when applied correctly.

Pishing is also part of social engineering. However, it is also used as a separate method. Since it consists of falsifying the login of an actual page (in this case YouTube ), making it almost identical, tricking the user into entering the email and password in it, so that this software saves it and later sends it to your email.

Its application is very simple since you only need to send an email informing or offering the user some fantastic video that captures their attention. Once you click on the video link, you will be redirected to YouTube pishing, where it will ask you to enter your username or email and password.

When the user enters said data, the pishing will save them and then show an error, thus avoiding any suspicion and hacking their YouTube channel.


Complications of this procedure

The difficulties of this method are mainly related to the knowledge and experience of the target user since they must be inexperienced when it comes to the security of their data.

In the same way, companies that provide email services such as Gmail and Hotmail today can identify these types of emails, sending them to the spam folder and alerting your target to it, further complicating the process.

The Best Online Youtube Hacker, the easiest and fastest method GUARANTEED

Spy on a Cell Phone in Seconds by sending only a PHOTO or IMAGE

We have already told you some methods to hack, but the technique that I will discuss next is the easiest, fastest and safest.

You will be able to hack any Android or iPhone cell phone by sending your target a simple image from the internet, it can be from Google, in just three steps, you can meet this goal.

Step 1: Choose a photo or image from Google

Step 2: Send this image to your target  cell phone

Step 3: When your victim sees the photo on their cell phone, you have hacked it


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