How to Fix The Unexpected Google app shutdown

The Internet giant, Google, released a new update to its mobile phone application a few months ago. Unfortunately, many Android users report an error that they all have in common: the application closes unexpectedly. It stops working on a large percentage of mobiles that work with that operating system.

It is also an app that supports other services such as Lens, the feed for the initial screen, Podcast or Assistant. It can be inferred that these services also have connection failures.

How to fix the unexpected Google app shutdown

The version with the unexpected flaw is When entering to search or use any of the associated services, the application stops working unexpectedly. It displays a message on the screen similar to the following: “Google continues to crash”. This alert, the only thing that allows is to obtain a statement about the type of error and explain how to do it to report it and have the possibility of closing it. However, these options do not provide the solution so that this does not happen again, which is very frustrating.

How to fix the unexpected Google app shutdown
How to fix the unexpected Google app shutdown


How to fix unexpected Google app closure?

Fortunately, some users have reported some temporary solutions with which they can solve the unexpected shutdown. The first one consists of forcing the restart of the device by pressing the power button for a few seconds.


Another option, which can also be put into practice, is to enrol in the Beta program, which allows you to be part of a group that tests the new modifications of the application before they are officially published on Google Play. To do so and be part of the beta user group, you have to enter here, and in this way, you can join to test how the application works. To stop belonging to the Beta version, you have to click on “exit the program”.

Finally, if everything else has failed, you can try uninstalling the new version of the application. To do this, you have to go to Settings> Applications> Google and, once there, press “Uninstall Updates” to return to the previous version that worked wonders.

Keep in mind that these are only temporary solutions that may work for a short time. However, you can put them into practice as many times as you want. It only remains to hope that Google fixes the problem and that the next update works without any problem.


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