How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’ on Android Phones

8 out of 10 smart mobile devices sold worldwide have the Android operating system. The most common error for Samsung devices is Not registered on the network. In turn, by a huge difference, Samsung is the firm that sells the most equipment with Google’s environment on the entire planet, and that inevitably means that there are millions of Samsung equipment out there, most of which, sure, they work without problems.

However, we cannot lose sight of the comments made by some users about the existence of a particular problem that apparently would affect some, such as the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6. It has to do with the dreaded appearance of the phrase “Not registered on the network,” Many have wondered about means.

How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’ on Android Phones
How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’ on Android Phones


How to fix Samsung problem: Not registered on network?

As we said then, there are not a few users of some of the leading Samsung devices, such as those belonging to the Galaxy S range, who have encountered the appearance on the scene of this particular phrase that does not allow them to use them. Of course, just as the word appears showing an error, it is possible to solve it to stop bothering us, so our idea below is to show you the elements you should consider if you find yourself in this situation.

In particular, we have to say that it seems that many of these inconveniences appear on the scene after some operating system update, and when we turn on the mobile, the message “Not Registered in the network” appears, with the consequent impossibility of making calls or browsing by Internet if that’s our intention.

Samsung Galaxy Not Registered on network.

This is an error that some brands do not suffer from, some are less prone to this type of thing happening, and others are more prone, as is the case of the Korean firm Samsung and although this is somewhat annoying, the solution is nothing to write home about. When we get the message of Not Registered in Network, as we have already mentioned, it is a problem when the phone has to change the signal emissary (antenna). It does not do so and is looking for a signal from the previous antenna. What we can do is turn off our Android and wait a few seconds and turn it on again; this will internally reset it and search for the signal from scratch, thus connecting to the closest emissary.

How to Fix Not Registered on the Network on Samsung

Although one of the solutions is to restart our device, we can also keep track of how frequent this behavior is. If it is something that persists, the most reliable solution is to go to our operator and have them present us with a possible answer; it should also be said that A damaged SIM can also be causing the problem, either because it is ancient or because for some reason it was destroyed, also sometimes when they are cut to turn them into micro SIM or Nano Sim they can be damaged thus giving us this signal failure that shows us the message Not Registered in Network when having to use the service.

Software Needed to Troubleshoot Samsung: “Not Registered on Network”

What you will need then to unlock your Mobile is to have the device rooted, and if you do not know how to do it, it is better that you review one of the many interesting tutorials that we can find on YouTube. Once you have done it, you must install a Custom Recovery step before downloading the files  “Kernel Cleaning,” “Patched BUUGMJ3 modem,” and “Patched XXUFMJ9 kernel”.

Once this is done, you must paste the files mentioned in the microSD card of your Mobile and start it in Recovery mode, which is possible directly from the ROM Manager that is part of the application. Then you must go to Install zip, and we return to the folder where we paste the files, which should be “Choose zip from / storage / sdcard,” where we will see all the available files.

When you are there, the next thing you should do is choose the first of the files, Kernel, and apply the update, then continue with the Patched Modem and finally with the Patched Kernel, being that you can go from one to another using the volume keys, in addition to Home to select each of the options, like entering.

Once all the previous points have been made, the one that follows has to do directly with going to “Reboot System Now,” for which you will have to return from the main menu, and you will see that some messages may appear on the way, which you will have to cancel or tell them no in all cases. When you have completed all this, the logical thing would be for the Mobile to restart. Once it has done so, you will have the possibility of browsing the Internet again without any problems, avoiding the famous message that interests us.

Most of the users of the central Galaxy S mobiles and also of the Galaxy Ace have pointed out in this sense that thanks to this tutorial, they had the chance to avoid the problem of the famous message “Not registered in the network,” so we do not have You doubt that you too will be able to leave it behind, and not have to abandon your Samsung because you cannot continue using it.

A big problem that is not very rare in the whole range of mobile phones, with Android is the issue of Not registered in the network, that when we try to call, it shows this tedious pop-up box, being that our phone shows many bars in the operator correctly, then this has obvious causes and solutions, which we are going to review little by little.

Did you get the message “Not registered on the network” on the Samsung Grand Prime? You have to know then that, judging by the enormous amount of comments that come to us about it, it seems that we are in the presence of a fairly common problem. For this reason, in this article, we will try to teach you how to solve the problem “Not registered in the network” in the Samsung Grand Prime in the simplest and fastest way possible so that it no longer bothers you.

The message Not registered in the network in the Samsung Grand Prime usually appears to users specifically when they try to make voice calls or send a text message, generating that these actions cannot be carried out. This problem often occurs due to a problem with the telephone signal, but we want to teach you how to get rid of it in any of the cases.

And although in this article we want to talk about how to get rid of the problem Not registered on the network in the Samsung Grand Prime, you have to know that if it appears on any other mobile device of the Korean firm, you have to proceed in the same way. In this way, you will be able to definitively get rid of one of the main problems that affect Samsung terminals in general.

Fix Not Registered in Grand Prime

For this problem to be solved, what you have to do broadly is to connect again to the network in question. There are two ways to do it. The first of them is restarting the mobile, and when it is doing it, check if the error of Not registered in the network appears again, which should be solved. If it doesn’t work for you, you have to know that there is another alternative anyway.

And it is that many users of these devices have indicated that they could also solve the problem in another way, first of all by turning on or activating the Airplane Mode of their smartphones. Once you’ve gotten over that, the next thing is to call usually and hang up. When you’re done, turn off Airplane Mode, and the problem should be fixed.

If the problem persists even after performing the previous steps, we will recommend that you check if the problem does not have to do with the chip or SIM card of your smartphone. To do this, you should ask your telephone company for a new SIM and try your luck with it on your smartphone. Then it would help if you stopped having problems with your Samsung Grand Prime, of course.

Other widespread questions that our readers and users in general often ask about this tutorial that we have just taught you to have to do with the following: solution not registered in the network, not written in the network Samsung ace 4, not registered in the network Samsung duos, not registered on Samsung j1 network, not registered on j2 prime network, not registered on Samsung galaxy s3 network, not registered on the uneven network, or not registered on j5 excellent network. If you have any other questions, you have to ask us about them to give you a hand in this regard.

Have you been able to fix the “Not registered to network” problem on the Samsung Grand Prime after reading this article?

How to Fix ‘Not Registered on Network’ on Android Phones

This represents a big problem, so we decided to give sure explanations that help us understand why this situation, the thing is that it is not a single brand or a single mobile phone that presents the problem is offered by various brands and mobile phones and this is what which tends to concern all users.

But which are the brands that frequently present this problem:

Among these brands, we have LG, Sony, Samsung, among many other brands.

We can say that it is a problem that originates in the Sim card and that for some strange reason, the signal on our Mobile ends up blocking since, as I mentioned before, the SIM card is responsible for presenting the pattern to follow so that the Mobile can be connected through the frequency bands to the nearest antenna of our contracted operator. This is the problem.

Although this is not a problem to say that the Mobile is no longer helpful, some people tend to worry about the fact that it does not work well and stays that way forever here we tell you that it is not like that, that the so scary and worthy of respect No service Not for you.

Solution Without Cellular Service

No service on the Android can be caused by many things, which can cause the android Mobile to work incorrectly. However, depending on the error, we can always recommend an immediate solution.

  • Blocked by IMEI Code: One of the biggest problems is when you buy a used phone or from some of these unauthorized stores that sell “new” phones at the time of inserting the sim Surprise! There is no signal, and the same thing happens with each card that we want to insert.
  • Unlock Mobile: another of the most important factors may be that the Mobile is only released for a specific network; no matter how much you insert SimCard in the phone, it will only work for one company.

Solution A not registered on the network

In general, there are many causes of this problem; the problem may come directly from the mobile operator, this is something that we cannot change unless we call and give us support.

Another of the most common problems is that the antennas collapse or turn off, and we end up searching for the signal and remaining in another that is too far from us, and we are left with a week and bad call. This happens when the batteries that use the antennas to function are discharge or collapse.

To solve the error of not registered in the network, the most usual thing for Android is to update the operating system; sometimes, the error is also in the software. If you do these steps and do not work, we recommend that you send it to the closest and trusted technical support professionals to take care of it.

Every so often it is pretty standard that we run out of service and that in this way we do not have the possibility of making calls or using mobile Internet or anything similar, it is something extremely normal that generally happens when we are far from cities or in places such as subsoils, etc. Likewise, from time to time, the reason may be other than simply being in an area with a wrong signal, perhaps it could be a problem with our device, and in that case, we are going to show you below how to solve the problem with your Mobile when it does not have a sign.

Mobile without signal

In case you were recently changing your mobile phone. You had an old SIM, and it is clear that many people cut it to make it fit in the most current slots that are much smaller. If you missed the SIM card wrong, obviously you will not have service,  nor the Internet, in this case, it is always better to ask for the number to be transferred to a new one or that’s it.

A mobile phone without service

It may even be due to a particular problem with your device’s antenna, perhaps because you recently hit it or it is already several years old. It began to fail; the reasons can be many, so you have to pay attention to this problem. If you tried all of the above and still have issues, then it has to be the antenna, and you should take it to a specialized technical service.

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No network service

It may even be because you have an IMEI block for some reason or simply that you have not paid the bill for your data plan, something that a server, by the way, happens that he forgets to pay. There can be many reasons, as you will see.

What we recommend is that you discard each one of them little by little, starting with the simplest until you reach the most complex ones where you will only not be able to solve it, in this way, you will be able to see what is the source of the problem and try to find a way to fix it as quickly as possible.

The reasons why the mobile phone remains in ” Not registered in the network ” or ” No service ” can be several, and it is vital to see each one of them to rule out possibilities and leave nothing to chance, to be 100% sure we exhaust all options.

If you have not solved the problem, tell us, and we will see how we can help you.

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