How to create WhatsApp backup on Android

Over time, WhatsApp will save you a lot of conversations and media files. To not lose them in the event of smartphone damage or when switching to a new device, you can perform a WhatsApp Android backup. We’ll show you what to watch out for.

How to create WhatsApp backup on Android
vHow to create WhatsApp backup on Android


What you need to know about WhatsApp backup on Android

You can create a full WhatsApp Android backup with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to “Settings” in WhatsApp, then to “Chats,” and tap on “Chat Backup.”
  2. There you select the option “Save.”

The WhatsApp Android backup is automatically backed up to Google Drive. The settings for the backup can be found under the green button with “Save.” There you can initiate an automatic backup either daily, weekly, or monthly, if necessary. You have to enter an account for the WhatsApp Android backup, and you can also decide whether the backup takes place only via WiFi or the mobile data connection. You can also specify whether videos are backed up via WhatsApp Android backup.

The backup files are called MsgStore.bak and are located in the wa folder. Note that the backups are only saved for seven days at a time. You only need to create the backup if you plan to reinstall it shortly afterward.

How to restore the messages from the Android WhatsApp backup

If you’ve reinstalled WhatsApp, the app asks you when it starts up if you want to import messages from a backup. To do this, click on “Restore.” Immediately afterward, you should be able to see all the messages again.


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