How to Convert a Word File to PDF For Free and in Seconds

We all know how complicated it is to send files written in Word or other similar text editors , since they are heavy and, if the text is accompanied by images, tables and infographics, its weight can rise exponentially, so send it through Email, WhatsApp or any other similar means can be very difficult, especially if the Internet connection is not stable or if the MB per second are few.

How to convert word file to pdf file for free in a second
How to convert word file to pdf file for free in a second

How to convert a Word file to PDF for free and in seconds

Fortunately, there are programs that are responsible for solving this problem such as the FormatPDF converter that allows us to transform any Word file to PDF in a few steps. You just need to press the button «Select Word file». Next, you will see a new window in which you will be asked to select the file you want to transform. It can have a .doc or .docx extension or any other that you need.

When everything is uploaded to the platform, all you have to do is click the “Convert to PDF” button to complete the whole process.

Converting from PDF to Word is possible, it’s very simple!

But, what happens if we have a file written in PDF format and we want to write some things in it, delete an image or change a table of place? Surely you will think that this is impossible, because as everyone knows, files with this extension cannot be reformed under any point of view. Fortunately, on the same web page we have the option of converting a PDF file into a Microsoft Word document in order to make all the changes that we deem appropriate.

We just have to choose the “Convert PDF” option and, in the menu that appears there, select “PDF to Word” and then click on the file you want to reform. You only have to press the “Convert” button for the action to take place, which happens in a few minutes.

It is important to clarify that this conversion can also be done with files made in Excel, (.xls) , PowerPoint (.ppt); photo files with a .jpg extension; texts made with the Open Office processor that have the extension .odt; files with .epub extension and even all those that are html or htm.

Where is the file conversion done?

Do not think that the files that have already been transformed will be stored on your hard drive, taking up a lot of space unnecessarily. On the contrary, you will have immediate access to the cloud which will allow you to do this type of task from any computer or mobile phone.

It is not necessary that you always use the same computer , because having the username and password, you will be able to do it efficiently and, above all, quickly and without wasting your resources. Nor is it necessary to have a type of operating system, since the program is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and even iPhone and iPad.

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