Here’s How You Can Clear Your Instagram Search History

Whether you are looking for hashtags or accounts, the Instagram app stores all your searches in the cache, you can completely remove the search history from your profile via the app.

Here's how you can clear your Instagram search history
Here’s how you can clear your Instagram search history



Clear Instagram search history right in the app

Clearing your Instagram search history takes a few seconds. How to proceed:

  1. Open the profile in the right menu bar of the Instagram app.
  2. There you select “Settings.”
  3. Scroll down to the Account section.
  4. Then click on “Clear search history.”
  5. Confirm the query to delete the search history completely.

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By deleting it, you prevent other people from accidentally seeing your search history. Just like in the browser: Whether in Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can also ensure better privacy on Instagram.


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