It has been 10 years since they arrived. House raffles are far from being something completely new, although the truth is that they are not widely known by everyone. In other countries there is already a certain custom, but in Spain they are still viewed with skepticism.

Lottery houses raffles

What is interesting about them? Its formula . With a mechanism that looks with total impudence at the purest and hardest random of any lottery, they offer participants the possibility of taking a home paying a participation of only 5 euros.

There is no catch, nor is there cardboard. Furthermore, the monitoring of these initiatives is extremely demanding. You just have to see figures like Lottofy , one of the few that offer this possibility.

Fully established and transparent, it is supervised by the ministry and the DGOJ (General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling). This national organization applies the same principles as to the State Lotteries and Gambling, or even to the casinos and betting houses of the country.

And it is logical, since the mechanisms are exactly the same . As is also necessary, since it helps to reassure the public and makes something very important clear: this is legal, but it is also something of the most interesting.

Because, above all this there is a very clear idea. It is an opportunity to get a house at an impossible price on the market. Just think about it. We are talking about getting a property that can be valued at 150,000 euros or more . And for this you would only have to pay 5 euros.

The proportion is clear, and the result is obvious. Yes, basically it is something that is governed by the purest chance , but, in the case of winning, few investments are more profitable than this. Without a doubt.

Is participating in a house raffle a good investment?

It is probably one of the best investments you can make. It is true that behind is chance, and that there is nothing more capricious than this. But so is the fact that mathematics backs up its benefits. And these never lie.

For starters, the profit margin is abysmal if you win. It is possible to buy more numbers. In fact, in the case of Lottofy they offer the possibility of buying a total of shares valued at 200 euros, which is equivalent to a total of 50 numbers.

Is it still a good investment in that case? The point is, the more investment, the better it is in the end. The limit of participation in these draws can rise to 300,000 and sometimes stay at just over 100,000.

That is, you can have a 1 in 100,000 chance of winning. What if you buy 50 numbers? Well, it improves even more, being a probability of 1 in 2,000 . The truth is that winning is not that complicated. What’s more, even the lottery with which it is easier to win makes it more complicated. Your probability of victory is 1 in 600,000.

How to do it

The truth is that the process is very simple. Getting a very cheap house with raffles comes down to searching the website of a reliable company , taking a look at the house or houses they raffle, buying numbers and waiting.

It is very simple, so much so that you can do it with your mobile phone if you want. Companies like Lottofy are offering these facilities, also adding the possibility of seeing the property and knowing its facilities by taking a look at photos and detailed descriptions.

The procedure is very easy. How to buy a lottery ticket. You choose the total number of shares, you see the numbers that correspond to you (you can change them if they seem “ugly”), you confirm the payment and you already have your share or shares ready.

The good thing is that, once the date of the draw is determined, it is immovable. It is something that the DGOJ requires and that, in fact, requires that there be a notary present to confirm and validate absolutely everything.

A curious way to invest, which you can also take advantage of a lot. Not everyone needs a flat in a city that is several kilometers from where you live. Sometimes it can be something interesting to spend the summer, but what if it is not?

Well, this is one of the most curious facets of home giveaways . You become its owner, so you can find another way to exploit this prize that you get. Long-term rental, vacation rentals or even the sale if you feel like it.

The possibilities are enormous, and all for how much? 5 euros, 10 euros… 200 euros? You choose the shares and how much to invest. But, whatever you invest, the profitability is enormous if it touches you. You will never be able to find a property for such a price, not even buying the maximum number of possible numbers to participate.

It is the cheapest way to get a home. It is a different opportunity supported by something very well known. What sounds good?

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